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Our Mission is "Driving the Automotive Experience"
and that is exactly what you are going to get with Jamie, Rodolfo and Ron behind the wheel.

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"Driving the Automotive Experience"

DownShift is a full service automotive, cinematography, review company that specilizes in car reviews, event coverage and more. Co-hosted by Jamie Whyte, Rodolfo Blanquicett and Ron Anderson - you are sure to not only have a great experience working with these three amazing automotive enthusiast but they have just the right chemistry to have your customers tuning in for more.

Having already partnered with the majority of the automotive manufacturers in the United States, DownShift has a solid foundation that they plan on building upon by bringing their viewers a more emotionally enticing show by focusing on bringing them one step closer to "Driving the Automotive Experience".


Our quality of video and editing is commercial grade. Anything less would jsut beboring.

Budget Concious

We understand you have a budget and we can provide you a quality product you want without breaking the bank.

Sniper Marketing

With our parent company, Finetix Magazine, we are hitting over 200k individuals in your target market.

Strategically Planned

Each project, from beginning to end, is planed to be on budget and on time... everytime.


If you can dream it, we can bring it to reality.


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